Olathe Invite and KCJV Relays Recaps

posted Apr 26, 2021, 8:37 AM by Levi Huseman

Written by Mary Loecker

Following strong performances from the previous week, your varsity Eagles found themselves at ODAC for the Olathe Invitational on Friday, April 9. Between the 10 teams present at the meet, the field of competition was a welcome challenge to the Eagles; both teams came away with a slew of top performances and personal bests.

On the ladies’ side of competition,  Olathe North earned a number of top three finishes that contributed to the Lady Eagles’ 97 team points. In the sprints, Ka’Liyah McGinnis was the standout athlete of the day, blowing by her competition to reign as the event champion in both the 100 meter dash (12.20) and the 200 meter dash (25.30). With these gold medal performances, McGinnis can also boast to have broken the school record in both events!

Kaiya McKie proved her dominance in the 100 meter hurdles. Not only did she place first in the event, but she shaved an entire second off of her time from the previous week with a time of 15.43.

To round out a night of gold medals for the two athletes, both McGinnis and McKie competed in the girls 4X100 meter relay. Also running in the event were Ashlyn Alloway and Saniya Simmons. With a time of 49.77,  these athletes not only won the event, but have recorded the best time in the state.

The girls 4X100 wasn’t the only relay for the Eagles to out-perform its competition. In its season debut, the girls 4X800 meter relay, consisting of Anjali Hocker Singh, Savanna Stewart, Kaylee Tobaben, and Shea Johnson won the gold with a time of 9:54.61.

Other top three finishes rounded out the night for the ladies. Many crucial points were scored in the 1600 meter run. Anjali Hocker Singh finished second in the event (15:16.02) while Kaylee Tobaben took the bronze (15:18.05) . Additionally, Lexie Dockstader finished third in the girls 3200 meter run with a time of 11:52.98.

For the boys varsity athletes, there were also a number of top performers who helped lead the Eagles to 6th place finish in a field of heavy competition. Of the point-earners at the meet, the Eagles brought home five top-three finishes.

Of the five medals earned, three came from the track. After a stellar performance in the previous week, Jacob Parrish adds to his hardware with a silver medal in the 400 meter dash with a time of 50.99. Parrish can also boast a second place finish in the boys 4X100. The relay, consisting of Alex Flower, Jacob Parrish, Tristan Madden, and Laython Patillo, took the silver medal behind DeSoto with a time of 44.22.

Also earning crucial points on the track was Josh Parrish with his third place finish in the 110 meter hurdles. He took the bronze by a slim margin with a season-best time of 15.81.

In the field events, the Eagles had two medalists. Junior Paul Rowden cleared 6-02 to earn himself a second place finish. Then, in the throws, Mason Hyskell delivered a huge personal record throw of 48-10 to win the bronze medal in the event.

From the Olathe Invitational, many athletes came away with personal best marks on the season. These include the following:



Ka’Liyah McGinnis (100m, 200m, 4X100), Kristina Pietrus (100m, 200m), Hannah Watts (100m), Tynee Leggett (200m, 4X400), Jada Burris (400m), Anjali Hocker Singh (1600m, 4X400, 4X800), Kaylee Tobaben (1600m, 4X800), Shea Johnson (1600m, 4X800), Lexie Dockstader (3200m), Kaiya McKie (100m High Hurdles, 4X100), Gabriella Margheim (300m Hurdles), Saniya Simmons (Long Jump), Bailey Dillon (Long Jump), Aubrey Stewart (Pole Vault), Ashlyn Alloway (4X100), Anong Ngong (4X400), Savanna Stewart (4X400, 4X800), Kimberlynne Hazen (Shot Put), Mackenzie Batten (Shot Put, Discus), Kiki Harris (Shot Put), Elena Martinez (Discus), Bella Rowden (Javelin), Lauren Fenton (Javelin)


Alex Flower (4X100), Joe Ouellette (100m, Long Jump), Jacob Parrish (200m, 400m, 4X100), Kenrick Osei (200m, Triple Jump), Sean Richardson (400m), Bret Bourquin (800m), Josh Caldwell (1600m, 4X800), Tanner Coltvet (1600m), Ray Kosgei (3200m, 4X800) Bramwell Kosgei (3200, 4X800), Ryley Goss (110m High Hurdles, 300m Hurdles), Michael Conseco (300m Hurdles), Laython Patillo (Long Jump, 4X100), Paul Rowden (High Jump), Ian Quarles (Pole Vault), Tristan Madden (4X100), Mason Hyskell (Shot Put), Israel Gracia Estrade (Shot Put, Discus), Kaden Graham (Shot Put), Demetrius Bush (Discus), Cody Beck (Javelin), Braden Hales (Javelin)

Following a week of off from competition, the JV athletes competed on their home turf for the JV KC Relays on Wednesday, April 14. From this competition came many seasonal best marks. Athletes earning honor roll this week include the following:


Kayla Jones (200 m), Lacey Hamblin, Payton Troup (400m, 4X400), Naomi Muema (400m, Cora Katzenberger (1600m, 4X800), Brooke Wagoner (1600m, 4X400, 4X800),  Ella Bentley (300m Hurdles),  Kailey Bump (Long Jump, Triple Jump) Megan Avey (High Jump), Ava French (4X800), Claire Clark (4X400, 4X800), Elena Martinez (Javelin)


Adam Buchman (100m), Amari Musau (100m), Michael Heuer (200m), Daniel Readman (200m, 4X100

Brandon Gonzalez-Morales (200m, 4X100), Lukis Buchman (200m), James Williams (200m, 4X100), Thomas Wiedenmann (200m), Luke Sorrels (400m), Lewis Suttle (800m, 1600m, 4X800), Jack Arender (800m, 1600m), Justin Breyfogle (800m), Dylan Comer (800m, 1600m), Tanner Hlasney (1600m, 4X800), Grant Henrichs (1600m, 4X800), Grant Kiveu (1600m, 4X800), Ben Friesen (1600m), Nyoul Chol (High Jump), Dominick Donovan (4X100), Eli Wyatt (4X400), Eli Madden (4X400), Zion Wayne (4X400), Matthew Castejon (4X400), Zach Wilson (Shot Put), Carson Hyskell (Shot Put), Bryson Sanders (Discus), Eric Lebar (Discus)

Track & Field Dominates at Varsity and JV Levels

posted Apr 26, 2021, 8:36 AM by Levi Huseman

Written by Mary Loecker

Last week, the Eagles opened the track and field regular season with an array of stellar performances.

On Friday, April 2, your Eagles stalked their prey at the Blue Valley Spring Classic at the Blue Valley District Activities Center. Despite stiff competition, both the boys and girls teams scored enough combined points to be crowned meet champions.

The lady Eagles boast the event champions in all of the sprints – Ka’Liyah McGinnis was the top finisher in both the 100 meter dash and the 200 meter dash, while Tynee Leggett was the event champion in the 400 meter dash. Sprints further added to the point total with the girls 4X400 meter relay, which took the silver medal in the event.

Also dominating the track were the top finishers in the hurdles – Kaiya McKie was the event champion in the 100 hurdles, while Jill Klusman finished just behind her for the silver in the event. Though finishing second in the 100 hurdles, Klusman earned her own bragging rights by finishing first in the 300 meter hurdles and a second place in the pole vault that shattered the school record. To round out the field events for the lady Eagles, Gabriella Margheim earned 10 points as the event champion in the high jump, while freshman Elena Martinez took the bronze in the discus throw.

Rounding out the top three finishers for the ladies came from solid performances from the distance crew. In the 1600 meter run, juniors Kira Almsberger and Lexie Dockstader earned the silver and bronze. In the girls 3200 meter, the lady Eagles produced another pair of second and third place finishes from Anjali Hocker Singh and Kaylee Tobaben.  Hocker Singh set the school record in the 3200 in her performance!

For the boys, there were also a number of top three finishes that paved the way for the Eagles’ top spot at the meet. Jacob Parrish earned bragging rights for his individual gold medal performances in both the 200 meter dash and the 400 meter dash. Rounding out the sprints, the boys relay teams took to the track with a silver medal in the 4X100 and a bronze medal in the 4X400.

Josh Parrish came away from the meet with a pair of silver medals in both the 110 meter hurdles as well as the high jump. The Eagles boasted more stellar performances from the field events with a pair of event champions from the jumps: Junior Tristan Madden took the gold in the boys triple jump while Ian Quarles earned the top spot in the pole vault. Juniors Laython Patillo and Mason Hyskell also added to the team’s hardware. Patillo took third in the triple jump while Hyskell also earned a bronze medal in the shot put.

In addition to the number of Eagles who finished in the top three in their events, many varsity athletes’ marks earned them a spot on the team’s honor roll last week for improving their marks following the pre-season classic on March 25:


Tynee Leggett (400m, 4X400); Hannah Jensen (4X400) Anong Ngong (400m, 4X400); Jada Burris (400m, 4X400), Savanna Stewart (800m), Kira Almsberger (800m, 1600m); Lexie Dockstader (800m, 1600m), Irina Honc (1600m); Amjali Hocker Singh (3200m); Kaylee Tobaben (3200m); Shea Johnson (3200m); Jill Klusman (100m Hurdles, Pole Vault); Hannah Watts (Long Jump); Gabriella Marcheim (High Jump); Ashlyn Alloway (4X100); Kristina Pietrus (4X100); Ka’Liyah McGinnis (4X100); Kiki Harris (Shot Put, Javelin); Mackenzie Batten (Shot Put, Discus); Kimberlynne Hazen (Shot Put); Elena Martinex (Discus, Javelin); Bella Rowden (Javelin)



Alex Flower (200m, 4X100, 4X400); Jacob Parrish (400m, 4X100, 4X400); Nick Suttle (400m); Ray Kosgei (800, 1600m); Bret Bourquin (800m); Bramwel Kosgei (1600m); Josh Caldwell (3200m); Josh Parrish (110 Hurdles, 300m Hurdles); Ryley Goss (300m Hurdles); Layton Patillo (Long Jump, Triple Jump); Kenrick Osei (Long Jump, Triple Jump); Tristan Madden (Triple Jump, 4X100, 4X400); Ian Quarles (Pole Vault); Mason Hyskell (Shot Put); Israel Gracia Estrada (Shot Put); Kaden Graham (Shot Put); Cody beck (Javelin)


On Tuesday, JV traveled to Shawnee Mission Northwest for the North by Northwest Challenge, where many athletes made improvements on their pre-season marks. Later in the week, the JV athletes trekked to Shawnee Mission North. Earning Honor Roll statue from their performances on Tuesday and Thursday include the following athletes:


Kailey Bump (100m, 200m, triple jump); Kayla Jones (100m, 200m); Grace Samen (100m, 4X400); Adrienne Shimaka (100m, 200m); Kate Henry (100m, 200m); Payton Troup (100m, 400m, 4X400); Cienna Crabtree (100m, 400m); Ella Bentley (200m, 100m Hurdles, long jump); Lacey Hamblin (200 m, 300m Hurdles); Naomi Muema (400m); Claire Clark (400m, 800m, 4X400); Brooke Wagner (800m, 1600m, 3200m); Ava French (800m, 1600m, 3200m); Cora Katzenberger (3200m); Hannah Jensen (100m Hurdles, 300m Hurdles); Megan Avey (100m Hurdles, high jump); Lindsey Ray (300m Hurdles, 100m Hurdles, High Jump); Adrianna Hernandez (4X400); Morgan Brandt (Discus, Javelin); Allysa Cain (Discus, Javelin); Mariska Brandt (Discus, Javelin); Lauren Fenton (Javelin); Tessa Mathews (Javelin)



Michael Canesco (100m, 200m, High Jump, 4X400); Christian Harris (100m, 400m); Luke Sorrels (100m, 200m, 400m); Brandon Gonzalez-Morales (100m, 200m); James Williams (100m); Daniel Readman (100m); Michael Heuer (100m200m, ; Adam Buchman (100m); MJ Devoe (100m); Dominick Donovan (100m, 200m); Thomas Wiedenmann (100m); Kaden Baer (100m, 400m, 4X800); Vince Ngatara (100m, 400m, 800m); Simon Wicks (100m, 400m); Cody Steiner (100m, 200m, 400m); Eli Madden (400m, 800m, 4X400); Jason Parrish (400m, 4X400); Eli Wyatt (400m, 4X400); Matthew Castejon (400m, 4X400); Jonathan Castilla (400m, 4X400); Noah Emerick (400m, 4X400); Kiernan Marker (400m, 800m, 4X800); Jayden Davis (400m, 4X800); Justin Breyfogle (400m, 800m, 4X800); Ayoub Lamrani (400m); Tanner Coltvet (800m, 3200m); Tanner Hlasney (800m, 3200m); Ben Friesen (800m, 3200m); Wisdom Munyoki (4X800); Grant Henrichs (1600m, 3200m); Logan Klusman (3200m); Gabe Kiveu (3200m); Dylan Comer (3200m); Jack Arender (3200m); Lewis Suttle (3200m); Brayden Hudnut (300m Hurdles, High Jump); Quantez Love (High Jump); Nyoul Chol (Pole Vault); DaRell Western (Shot Put); David Berkenwald (Shot Put, Discus); Braden Hales (Shot Put, Javelin); Bryson Sanders (Shot Put, Discus); Alan Valenzuela (Shot Put); Jorge Gallegos (Shot Put, Discus); Trey Washington (Shot Put, Javelin); Zach Wilson (Shot Put); Carson Hyskell (Shot Put); Jaden Morgan (Shot Put, Javelin); Brendon Nguyen (Discus, Javelin); Alex Spencer (Discus, Javelin); Eric Lebar (Discus, Javelin); Sri Chalasani (Javelin)


For pics from both meets see our Google Photo Album

Track and Field Preseason Information

posted Jan 25, 2021, 1:29 PM by Levi Huseman   [ updated Jan 25, 2021, 1:33 PM ]

The 2021 Track & Field Season is quickly approaching; official start of practice is March 1st.

If you plan on running, jumping or throwing there are a couple things that you will need to get taken care of prior to the start of practice.

1. You must have your athletic paperwork filled out and returned to the main office. If you competed in a fall or winter sport you should already have this done. Reminder that you need new paperwork filled out every year so if you haven’t filled out paperwork for the 20-21 school year you will need to get this taken care of ASAP.


2. Sign up to receive informational text messages through the “Remind” app.  Because of how large the track team is you will need to sign up using the appropriate code below.

    1. If you are a BOY ATHLETE – text     @ontf21B     to the number    81010. Follow the prompts and make sure to use your real name. No nicknames.
    2. If you are a GIRL ATHLETE – text     @ontf21G     to the number    81010. Follow the prompts and make sure to use your real name. No nicknames.
    3. If you are a PARENT – text     @ontf21P     to the number    81010. Follow the prompts and make sure to use your real name. No nicknames.


3. Prior to the start of official practice we will be having conditioning sessions to get ready for the season.  If you are in a winter sport here at Olathe North, that is your priority and you should not attend any conditioning sessions.  If you are not currently participating though the expectation is that you make it to every conditioning session that you can.  Conditioning sessions have already started* and will continue until the season starts.

Conditioning sessions are split up by event group so we can have smaller groups as well as tailor workouts to your specific needs as an athlete.

  1. Sprints/Hurdles/Jumps Groups – Meet outside the library in the 400 hallway on Monday’s and Wednesdays; 3:30-4:30.  Wear a mask and bring clothes for both inside and outside.  It will be a game time decision as to whether we are inside or outside.
  2. Endurance/Long Distance Group – Meet in Room 015 on every day that school is in session.  Wear a mask and dress to run outside.  We will run outside every day so look at the weather and dress appropriately.
  3. Power/Throws Group – Meet outside the Weight Room on the benches on Monday’s and Wednesdays; 3:15 – 4:15.  Wear a mask and bring clothes for both inside and outside.  It will be a game time decision as to whether we are inside or outside.  (*The Power/Throws Group conditioning sessions will start Feb 1st.)


4. Invite your friends! The more people we have on the track & field team the more enjoyable it will be for everyone!  Even though the team tends to be on the larger end, there will be measures in place to make sure that everyone stays healthy.


5. Any additional questions?  Ask a Track and Field Coach

  • Coach Huseman; Room 015
  • Coach Jess; Room 106
  • Coach Johnson; Room 112
  • Coach Baer; Room 212
  • Coach Loecker; Room 104
  • Coach McCall; PE Dept
  • Coach Smith; PE Dept

Spring Workouts. YOU get to decide what you get out of it!

posted Mar 30, 2020, 1:43 PM by Levi Huseman   [ updated Mar 30, 2020, 9:40 PM ]

Just because the season is canceled doesn't mean that we don't want to get faster/more explosive or be in better shape!  
We are still going to prepare workouts for you. You get to decide what you want out of the next 3 months.  Are you going to work your tail off and be in the best shape of your life when we get back together (football/volleyball/cross country/college/etc.), or are going to be lazy and choose to not do anything.  Choice is yours.  Read something on twitter today and thought it was pretty spot on.

You've got three options.  Keep in mind it is 100% your choice which you do...
Option 1. Don’t do any workouts on your own, and you’ll know it. Option 2. Do 2-4 workouts a week, you, your teammates (and your coaches), will know it. Option 3. Do 5-7 workouts a week, you, your teammates, your coaches, AND your opponents will know it!

Things will switch a little from being event specific to general strength and explosiveness or aerobic development.  
There are only two groups.  A Speed Group(with Power Options) and an Endurance Group.  The Speed(And Power) workouts will likely benefit an athlete who plays football, volleyball, basketball, etc.  while the endurance workouts will likely benefit cross country, soccer, swimming, etc. athletes.  But obviously feel free to do any workout that you like. If you want to do some days from the Speed/Explosiveness workouts and others from the Endurance workouts that's awesome too!  We just want to give you options so that you can continue to make yourselves better.

Here's how everything is set up.  We have prepared two weeks of workouts that will repeat themselves (meaning when you finish the last workout of week 2, you'll go back and start week 1 again)

Speed Workouts  (Everything here is less than 10 seconds of running so Power Group this is for you too)                         

And then there are probably thousands of ideas online for workouts.  One that I've personally liked is from University of Georgia Football Strength and Conditioning Coach Scott Sinclair.  He does a workout of the day and you can find his workouts on his twitter: https://twitter.com/coach_sinclair

No matter what you choose to do understand that it is YOU'RE CHOICE.  It doesn't matter if we can't meet.  It doesn't matter if you can't get into a gym.  It doesn't matter if you don't have access to weights.  You can choose to make yourself better.  
Last thing I'll leave you with is a quote from JJ Watt (NFL Football Player if you didn't know).  Success isn't given, inherited, or owned; its leased. And rent is due EVERY DAY.  

Lets Get to Work! #Always Compete

Spring Break Practices!!!

posted Mar 13, 2020, 9:25 AM by Levi Huseman   [ updated Mar 16, 2020, 10:14 AM ]

Event Group Workouts

Linked below are workouts for each event group.  

When you finish your workout please log it HERE!

Distance - Workouts   Pace Charts and Mileages (use tabs at bottom to change)

Hurdles - Workouts

Short Sprints - Workouts

Long Sprints - Workouts

High Jump - Workouts

Long/Triple Jump - Workouts

Throws - Workouts

Team Gear Store is Open!

posted Mar 2, 2020, 7:01 PM by Levi Huseman   [ updated Mar 2, 2020, 7:20 PM ]

The Team gear store is open! --> https://www.bsnteamsports.com/shop/BUPduLcfhp

We have both our team gear as well as spirit wear.  What we are asking everyone to purchase is a team t-shirt and sweats (if you don't have any already).  And then obviously any spirit wear that you would like!

Team T-Shirt Design (Gildan or UA).                                                                        Spirit Wear Design (Crewneck, tshirt, or tank top)

Flying At The Track Registration and Information!

posted Feb 26, 2020, 7:45 AM by Levi Huseman

The Olathe North Track and Field Program is excited to offer a Track and Field exposure experience to students Kindergarten through 5th grade on April 25, 2020 at the Olathe North Track!  Please read the information below.  Registration is limited to the first 200 students to register.  

    Date: Saturday April 25th, 2020
    Time: 10am to 12:30pm (Check-in between 9:30 and 9:45am)
    Where: Olathe North High School Track (Northwest corner of the high school building)
    Who: Kindergarten through 5th Grade (Space is limited to the first 200 athletes registered)
    Cost: FREE!!!

The main emphasis of Flying at the Track is to provide your child with a fun experience while introducing the sport of Track and Field. The Olathe North athletes will provide age-appropriate instruction with an emphasis on having FUN! Events include age appropriate low hurdles, the long jump, the high jump, throws (shot put using a softball and javelin using a safety turbo javelin), and running out of the starting blocks.Come “Fly at the Track” with the Olathe North High School Track and Field team on April 25 from 10am-12:30am . Kids kindergarten through 5th grade can come have fun running, jumping, and throwing with the Olathe North Track and Field team and receive instructional guidance from some of the best athletes in the KC area and even the entire state of Kansas! The “Flying at the rack experience is free. In addition, all participating kids will receive a medal at the completion of the experience as well as have an opportunity to take pictures and get autographs from Olathe North Athletes and the Eagle Mascot. Register soon as Flying at the Track is only open to the first 200 to register.

Children will be divided into groups based on age/grade and guided to different stations around the Olathe North Track and Field Complex. Parents are welcome to follow their child(ren) to each station.


To register please visit www.tinyurl.com/flyingatthetrack2020. Registration is only open to the first 200 to register.

Schedule of Events
    9:30 – 10am Check near the bleachers of the Olathe North Track
    10 - 10:20am Introduction and group Warmup
    10:20 – 10:40am Station 1
    10:40 - 11am Station 2
    11 - 11:20am Station 3
    11:20 – 11:40am Station 4
    11:40-12pm Station 5
    12 – 12:20pm Station 6
    12:20-12:30pm Relay Race and Medals
    12:30pm Pictures and Autographs with Athletes and Mascots

Final Relay Race and Medals (at 12:20pm):

Kids (and parents if they would like to participate) will be divided into teams of four for a relay race to conclude our day. And
at the completion of the relay race each student will receive a medal.

What to Bring:
    -Water Bottle to carry around (Water will be provided in the event you need to fill it up again)
    -Proper running attire (shoes, weather appropriate clothing, no track spikes please)
    -Any personal medical care or gear (inhaler, etc.)
    -A ready to have fun attitude!!!

Day of Check in

Please arrive between 9:30 and 9:45 so that we can get everyone checked in and no one missed any of the experience.
Tables will be set up for check in by last name. Children will receive a personalized bib number and group based on the
child’s age/grade.


Please park in the parking lots on the North side of the school (these are the closest lots to the track).

If you have questions, please contact lhusemanon@olatheschools.org and include “Flying at the Track” in the subject line.

2020 Track & Field Season Remind Sign Up Codes!!

posted Feb 12, 2020, 7:15 AM by Levi Huseman

If you want to receive text messages with information about the 2020 Track and Field Season, updates to schedules, as well as results sign up using the codes below!!!

Due to how the Remind service is structuring some things (and limits with number of participants) please sign up using the appropriate code (Everyone will still receive the same information).

To sign up you just need to text the phrase below to the number 81010 and then follow any prompts that they might give...

Boy Athlete code --> @ontfb2020
Girl Athlete code --> @ontfg2020                  ***Notice the "b", "g", or "p" in each code***
Parent code --> @ontfp2020

Conditioning Info!!!

posted Jan 14, 2020, 8:52 AM by Levi Huseman   [ updated Jan 14, 2020, 9:36 AM ]

Track and Field Conditioning is underway!!!  Even if you are not interested in Track and Field you are more than welcome to come if you want to get in better shape, faster, or more explosive!  See the info below for our different conditioning groups.  (Each group's info is in a different color to make it easier to find)

Sprints/Jumps Group
Starting time: 3:15
Ending time: 4:15 (give or take 15 minutes)
Schedule: Mon, Tue, and Thur when school is in session
Meeting Location: Outside the Library
Special Note: Change and leave your clothes/bags in the locker room. 

1. Increase SPEED
2. Improve explosiveness
3. Have fun!

Additional Info:
1. After school get changed into workout clothes and then meet outside the library. We will meet inside almost every day. We will only go outside is if it is really nice.
2. Getting Faster/More Explosive isn’t something that happens by showing up once. Make a commitment and see what happens when you do this for an entire winter. 
3. Be on Time! Our warmup is an important part of the process. If you miss that you won’t get as much out of the session plus you risk getting hurt.

What you will need:
1. Shorts, T-shirt, and shoes you can sprint in.
2. Commitment. You don’t “have” to be here. You also don’t “have” to get better. Show up so that you have the best possible chance of being the fastest version of yourself.

Power Group
Starting time: 3:15
Ending time: 4:15 (give or take 15 minutes)
Schedule: Mon, Wed, and Thur when school is in session
Meeting Location: Weight Room
Special Note: Change and leave your stuff in the locker room.

1. Gain strength and power through a weight training program.
2. Improve overall flexibility and explosiveness
3. Maintain consistent attendance.
4. Build a bond. Thrower nation baby!

Additional Info:
1. We will meet in front of the weight room at 3:15. If you are going to be late, we will see you the next day. Being on time and ready to go are critical in performing well this offseason. We understand that things come up, but this needs to be a priority not a punishment.
2. Bring appropriate workout clothes. This means shirts and shorts that you would wear to school.
3. Hydrate during the day. Coming to practice without drinking enough water and eating well is a recipe for disaster. Also plan to run after we are done lifting. 

What you will need:
1. A physical. Get this done now so we are not worrying about it during the season!
2. Commitment. Off season is not a punishment or something that you “have to do”. You need to want to be here and to get better every day. The work we put in now is going to make us better than everyone in May.

Endurance Group
Starting time: 3:15
Ending time: 4:45 (give or take 15 minutes)
Schedule: Mon through Fri. If we have school, we meet.
Meeting Location: Room 015
Special Note: Change and leave your clothes/bags in the locker room. 015 may be locked when you get back.

1. Consistent training- each day, week, & month.
2. Run a regular long run.
3. Improve your overall strength (weight room.)
4. Improve Hip Flexibility & Strength (Hip Routine)
5. Maintain Speed! (Strides after every run)
6. Log EVERY run.
7. Have fun and make memories! Maybe run an indoor race or two. (I can post a schedule).
Additional Info:
1. We will run outside no matter how cold or snowy it is. We will NOT run through the halls. These days will be great stories, fun experiences that you get to share with teammates, and opportunities to make yourself the bad dude or dudette you are.
2. The secret to success is consistency- daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly. I promise you- if you train consistently, you will have the best spring you have had AND a tremendous fall xc season.

What you will need:
1. Running Shoes! If you bought shoes during the summer or beginning of cross country season, it is time to buy again. Prohibit injury by staying in a good pair of shoes.
2. Layers. Remember we will run outside EVERY day. Layering up is the best way to stay warm.
3. A running watch. They are $10 at Walmart. Go get one.

2019 Track and Season Starts February 25th!!!

posted Feb 14, 2019, 9:58 AM by Levi Huseman   [ updated Feb 19, 2019, 7:46 AM ]

The 2019 season is right around the corner!  If you haven't been conditioning we have one more week of that and then the real fun begins!!  

There are only a couple things that you HAVE to do before the season starts on the 25th. 
1) You must have a physical on file with the office.  If you have already been in a sport you are probably fine.  If you are not sure just go check in the office.
2) Sign up to get remind text messages.  We will distribute almost all of our information via remind.  To sign up you just need to text the phrase: @ONTF2019 to the number 81010.  If you can't sign up for any reason, see Coach Huseman and he will get you taken care of.
3) Fill our this google form (its just helps us build a roster so we know who all is particpating) --> Sign up and get on the roster HERE!!!!!
4) Team Gear and Spirit Wear orders will be available in the very near future. The store will close sometime during the first week of practice so that we can get our gear shortly after spring break.

Lastly, If you'd like to come to conditioning here are the times for our last week

Last Week of Conditioning Schedule
Sprints/Jumps/Hurdles: 3:15 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and meet right outside the library
Distance: 3:15 Monday through Friday and meet in room 15 (Huseman's room)
Throws: 3:15 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and meet right outside the weight room

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