Rim Rock Classic schedule change.

posted Sep 27, 2013, 7:52 AM by Levi Huseman
Due to weather the meet organizers for the Rim Rock Classic have change the schedule to the following....

8:30 AM

Girl's "Gold" Varsity Race

9:00 AM

Boy's "Gold" Varsity Race

9:30 AM

Girl's "Crimson" Varsity Race

10:00 AM

Boy's "Crimson" Varsity Race

10:30 AM

Girl's "Blue" Varsity Race

11:00 AM

Boy's "Blue" Varsity Race

11:30 AM

Girl's "Gold" JV Race

12:00 PM

Boy's "Gold" JV Race

12:30 PM

Girl's "Crimson & Blue" JV Race

1:00 PM

Boy's "Crimson & Blue" JV Race

1:30 PM

Girl's C-Team

2:00 PM

Boy's "C" Race