Archived Results


Linked below are meet results that we have available from the 2019 season in PDF format.

Preseason Classic (March 21): Full Results  ON Results Only

North by Northwest Challenge (March 26):  Full Results    ON Results Only

BV Spring Classic (March 29):  No Results (Meet was canceled due to weather)

SM North JV Invite (April 4):  ON Results Only (some results missing bc not reported to a coach)

Olathe Invite (April 5): Full Results  ON Results Only

SM South JV Spectacular (April 11): ON Results Only

SM West Invitational (April 12): Full Results  ON Results Only

Little KU (April 17): Full Results  ON Results Only

Kansas Relays (April 19&20): Full Results  ON Results Only

Olathe East JV (April 25): ON Results Only

Topeka Seaman Relays (April 26): Full Results ON Results Only

Olathe North JV (May 2): Full Results  ON Results Only

SM North Relays (May 3): Full Results ON Results Only

9th/10th League (May 6): ON Results Only

JV League (May 8): Full Results  ON Results Only

Sunflower League (May 10): Full Results  ON Results Only

Regional Championships (May 16):

KSHSAA State Championships (May 24&25):


Linked below are meet results that we have available from the 2018 season in PDF format.

8/23: ON Time Trial: Full Team Results

9/1: Greg Wilson Classic: Varsity Girls Varsity Boys JV Girls JV Boys "C" Girls "C" Boys

9/8: Olathe Twilight: Varsity Girls Varsity Boys JV Girls JV Boys "C" Girls "C" Boys

9/13: Hays Invitationan Full Results

9/19: Lone Elm Quad: Girls Results  Boys Results

9/22: Chilli Pepper Festival: Girls El' Caliente  Boys El'Caliente

9/29: Roy Griak Invite: Girls Results   Boys Results

9/29: KC Classic: Varsity Girls Varsity Boys JV Girls JV Boys "C" Girls "C" Boys

10/3: Mill Valley Cat Classic: Girls Varsity  Boys Varsity  Girls JV  Boys JV

10/13: Sunflower League: All Results

10/20: Regional Championships: Girls Results  Boys Results

10/27: KSHSAA State Chamipionships: All Results (Scroll Down for 6A Results)


Linked below are PDF versions of full meet results that we have available from the 2018 season.

3/22: Mill Valley Pre-Season - Full Results

3/29: Olathe Northwest Junior Varsity Meet - ON Results

3/30: Blue Valley Spring Classic - Full Results

4/4: Shawnee Mission North Junior Varsity Meet - ON Results

4/5: Olathe Invitational - Full Results

4/11: Shawnee Mission South Junior Varsity Meet - ON Results

4/13: Shawnee Mission West Invite - Full Results (Meet was canceled midway due to weather)

4/18: Little KU - Full Results

4/20&21: KU Relays - Full Results

4/26: Olathe East Junior Varsity Meet - ON Results

4/27: Seaman Relays - Full Results

5/3: Olathe North Junior Varsity Meet - Girls Results     Boys Results

5/4: Shawnee Mission North Relays: Full Results

5/7: 9/10 League Meet: Full Results

5/8: Sunflower League Junior Varsity League Meet - Full Results

5/11: Sunflower League Championships - Full Results

5/18: Regionals - Full Results

5/25&26: KSHSAA State Championships - Full Results


Linked below are PDF versions of full meet results that we have available from the 2017 season.

9/2 Greg Wilson Classic:Varsity Girls  JV Girls  'C' Girls  Varsity Boys  JV Boys  'C' Boys

9/9 Olathe Twilight: Varsity Girls   JV Girls   'C' Girls   Varsity Boys   JV Boys   'C' Boys

                                                         Middle School Girls Results    Middle School Boys Results

9/13 Turner Invite: Varsity Girls   JV Girls    Varsity Boys    JV Boys

9/21 Lone Elm Quad: Girls Results    Boys Results

9/23 Roy Griak Invite:  Girls Results    Boys Results

9/30 KC Classic: Varsity Girls   JV Girls   'C' Girls   Varsity Boys   JV Boys   'C' Boys

10/4 Mill Valley Cat Classic: Varsity Girls   JV Girls   Varsity Boys   JV Boys

10/14 Sunflower League Championships:  Varsity Girls   JV Girls   'C' Girls   

                                                             Varsity Boys   JV Boys   'C' Boys

10/21 Regional Championships: Girls Results    Boys Results

10/28 KSHSAA State Championships:  Varsity Girls     Varsity Boys

2017 Track and Field

3/24 Belton Invitational: Full Results ON Results

3/28 ONW Junior Varsity Meet ON Results

3/31 Blue Valley Spring Classic Full Results ON Results

4/6   SMN Junior Varsity Meet ON Results

4/7   Olathe Invitational Full Results ON Results

4/13 SMS Junior Varsity Meet @ON ON Results

4/14 SMW Invite Full Results ON Results

4/21-22  KU Relays ON Results

4/27 OE Junior Varsity Meet ON Results

4/28 Topeka Seaman Relays Full Results ON Results

5/4   ON Junior Varsity Meet ON Results

5/5  SMN Relays Full Results ON Results

5/8  Freshman League @OE Full Results

5/9  JV League @ODAC Full Results

5/12 Sunflower League Championships Full Results ON Results 

5/19 Regional Championships Full Results

5/26-27 KSHSAA State Championsips Full Results


9/3: STA Greg Wilson Classic: C Team Girls    JV Girls    V Girls    C Team Boys    JV Boys    V Boys

9/10: Olathe North Lone Elm Invitational C Team Girls  JV Girls    V Girls    C Team Boys    JV Boys    V Boys

9/14: Turner Invitational: JV Girls    JV Boys    Varsity Girls    Varsity Boys

9/24: Minnesota Roy Griak Invitational:  Girls Results    Boys Results

10/1: GKCCCCA Kansas City Invite:  Olathe North Results Only

10/6: Mill Valley Cat Classic:  JV Girls    JV Boys    Varsity Girls    Varsity Boys

10/15: Sunflower League Championships  All Results Here

10/22: Regionals:  Girls Varsity    Boys Varsity

10/29: KSHSAA State Championships:


Greg Wilson Classic 9/5: Girls Varsity  Girls JV  Girls C Team  Boys Varsity  Boys JV  Boys C Team

Lone Elm Invite 9/12: Girls Varsity   Boys Varsity   Girls JV   Boys JV   Girls Middle School   Boys Middle School

Turner Invite 9/16:  All Races; Girls and Boys Varsity, Boys and Girls JV

KU Rim Rock Classic 9/26: Girls Varsity   Girls JV   Girls C Team   Boys Varsity   Boys JV   Boys C Team

KC Metro Championships 10/3: Olathe North Results

Mill Valley Cat Classic 10/7: Varsity Girls    JV Girls    Varsity Boys    JV Boys    C Team Boys

Sunflower League Results 10/17: All Results

2015 Track and Field

April 2nd: Blue Valley Spring Classic

April 10th: Olathe Invitational

April 17th: KU Relays

April 24th: Shawnee Mission West Invitational

May 1st: Topeka Seaman Invitational

May 8th: Shawnee Mission North Relays

May 15th: Sunflower League Championships

May 22nd: KSHSAA 6A Regional #3

May 29-30th: KSHSAA State Track and Field Championships

2014 Cross Country

Sept 6th: St. Thomas Aquinas Greg Wilson Classic: Girls Varsity   Girls JV   Girls C   Boys Varsity   Boys JV   Boys C

Sept 13th: Olathe North Invitational:  Girls Varsity   Girls JV  Boys Varsity   Boys JV   Middle School Girls Fun Run   Middle School Boys Fun Run

Sept 17th: Turner Invitational:   Girls Varsity    Girls JV     Boys Varsity    Boys JV

Sept 27th: Oklahoma State University Cowboy Jamboree:  Girls Varsity    Girls Team Scores     Boys Varsity    Boys Team Scores

Oct 4th: Kansas City Metro Championships: Girls Varsity   Girls JV   Girls Fresh/Soph   Boys Varsity   Boys JV   Boys Fresh/Soph

Oct 9th: Mill Valley Cat Classic:  Girls Varsity   Girls JV   Girls C   Boys Varsity   Boys JV   Boys C (no results)

Oct 18th: Sunflower League Championships:

Oct 25th: Regionals:

Oct 31st: State Championships:

2014 Track

March 28th: Lawrence Free State Invitational

March 28th: Johnson County Community College Indoor Invite

April 4th: Blue Valley Spring Classic

April 11th: Olathe Invitational (Hosted by Gardner Edgerton High School)

April 18th and 19th: Kansas Relays

April 25th: Shawnee Mission West Invitational

May 2nd: Seaman Relays

May 8th: Olathe North JV Meet

May 9th: Shawnee Mission North Relays

May 13th: Junior Varsity League Meet

May 16th: Sunflower League Meet

May 23rd: Regional Championships

May 30th and 31st: KSHSAA State Track and Field Championships

2013 Cross Country

Sept 7th - Greg Wilson Classic: Girls C Team, Girls J.V., Girls Varsity Boys C Team, Boys J.V., Boys Varsity

Sept 14th - Olathe North Invite:  Varsity Girls, J.V. Girls, Varsity Boys, J.V. Boys

Sept 18th - Turner Invitational: Varsity Girls, J.V. Girls, Varsity Boys, J.V. Boys

Sept 21st - Des Moines Heartland Invitational in Ames, IA : Varsity GirlsJ.V. Girls, Varsity BoysJ.V. Boys

Sept 28th - KU Rim Rock Classic:

Oct 5th - KC Metro CC Championships: Varsity GirlsJ.V. Girls9-10 Girls, Varsity BoysJ.V. Boys9-10 Boys

Oct 10th - Mill Valley Cat Classic: Varsity GirlsJ.V. GirlsVarsity BoysJ.V. Boys

Oct 19th - Sunflower League Championships: Varsity Girls  JV Girls  Varsity Boys  JV Boys  C Boys  C Girls

October 26th - Regional Championships: Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys

November 2nd - KSHSAA State Championships: Varsity Girls  Varsity Boys  

2013 Track

JCCC Indoor Invitational (March 15, 2013)

Blue Valley Spring Classic (March 29, 2013)

Olathe Invitational (April 5, 2013)
Olathe South Invitational (April 16, 2013)
KU Relays Day 1(Friday) Day 2(Saturday) (April 19, 2013 and April 20, 2013)

Topeka Seaman Relays (April 26, 2013)

Olathe North 6A Regional (May 17, 2013)