Interested in Summer Conditioning?! We start June 15th!

posted May 31, 2015, 3:42 PM by Levi Huseman   [ updated May 31, 2015, 3:49 PM ]
If you are interested in Cross Country or if you just want to get in better shape, Cross Country summer conditioning is for you.  We will meet at 7am Monday through Friday and then at 8am on Saturday.  Check the schedule below for meeting locations.

Starting on June 15th and continuing until the start of school.
  • Mon, Wed, Fri - 7am @ OIathe North (West Side of Building)
  • Tue - 7am @ Lone Elm Park (Shelter off of 167th St.)
  • Thur - 7am @ Prairie Center Park (Meet at the Playground)
  • Saturday Breakfast Run - 8am @ Location changes every week. Check the website for Location.

Summer Conditioning is the KEY to a successful cross country season (or whatever season you are trying to get in shape for).  

To get started we will have you run a distance that you can finish without walking and that makes you excited to come back again!  The biggest mistake is to try and run too much too soon.  From there we will gradually add a little bit at a time.  Meaning that after 2-3 weeks you will add a mile to your daily run.  Another 2-3 weeks after that you will add another mile, and so on.  Also during the summer we will work on gaining basic core and joint strength.  Getting stronger will help keep you from getting hurt as we stress all those muscles as we run.