ONXC Campout Info! 8.29-8.30

posted Aug 27, 2014, 8:06 PM by Kimberly Dicus   [ updated Aug 27, 2014, 8:08 PM ]
ONXC is better than every other sport at ON because we have way more fun.  BOOM: campouts.  We have a campout every year and it is epic.  Nothing is more fun than hanging out at with your teammates all night having practice, playing games, eating hot dogs, and sleeping in tents.   
Details: meet at school, busses will leave for the course at 4pm, in the morning we'll get up at run to the Heikes house, and be done by around 9:30 am (you can coordinate rides with friends or have your parents pick you up).
What to bring: a water bottle, a sleeping bag (or sheets) and a pillow, an air mattress if you want one, a flashlight, bug spray, sun screen, extra running clothes for the morning, and a lawn chair if you want one.  If you've got a tent at home, bring that too, but if not, no worries, we should have enough for everyone.   
Food:  the booster club will be providing most of the food for dinner and breakfast, but each team member needs to provide one extra thing to share based on your last name! A-F bring sweet snacks like cookies, G-J bring salty snacks like chips, K-N bring muffins like muffins, and P-Y bring healthy stuff like fruit or veggies.  
Any questions?  Email a coach at lhusemanon@olatheschools.org or kdicuson@olatheschools.orgunning